Our Services

Our Services

We are not tied to one method or theory to tackle your problem. We diagnose and then offer multiple options to best achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Leadership Coaching/Intentional Leadership

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Effectiveness/Process Improvement

  • Project Management


  • Business Structure and System Creation

  • Performance Management/Training

  • Team Building/Team Development

  • Change Management



Our Approach

IDENTIFY issues: What’s keeping you up at night? What are your pain points?  What does your staff complain about? What are your wants and needs?


DIAGNOSE the situation: Listening from all stakeholder points of view, gathering data and assessing the environment to find root causes of an issue.


REMEDY the condition:  Outline quantified issues and possible solutions with you and your team. Engage your team in synergistic problem solving and decision making.


MAINTAIN the improvements:  Hardwire the chosen solutions for long term success.


Client Testimonials

“Leslie is a pleasure to work with. Her creativity, professionalism and enthusiasm is second to none. If you are looking for first-class organizational effectiveness planning, look no further than Synergy Glue.”


First Physical Therapy

“I can attest to Leslie’s synergist skills as a team builder. I learned many things from Leslie during my work with her and was impressed by her organizational and process improvement skills.  She is well organized with great ideas around: strategic and operational planning, executive and management team meetings and trainings as well as  staff and organizational development activities. Leslie has boundless energy and puts her total self into planning interesting meetings and trainings, focusing on diverse people and process improvement techniques to keep everyone interested and creating time well spent.“

Tracy Eckert

Tracy Eckert, LLC